The Dirty House


Dedicated to all mothers and women trying to manage a home
Written by a wonderful friend.

You call my house “small”
It is so because of my kids’ large personalities, is all
They bind the air with their laughter
Meld the rooms with cords of chatter

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New Things


Hello again to all my friends, followers and readers.
I’m really sorry about the long absence, it was due to factors beyond my control, but I’m glad to say that those factors have finally been brought under control, and I’m back here, writing, and more importantly, posting.

I’d have loved to explain to you all the many things that have been happening on the other side of the internet, but I guess you’ll have no patience for them anyway. So let’s just jump straight in.
Poetry will be making its debut on the blog (somebody shout Yaay) and a whole lot of other stuff. So we are gonna be having a whale of a time. Also, articles, stories, fiction and non fiction, plus a large number of guest posts. Yes, I’ve been busy.

My guests will range from the very popular to the not so popular (but that’s the point, isn’t it?) And they will be topically analyzing a wide range of issues. So buckle your shoes and tighten your straps, it is gonna be a wonderful ride.

I started this post without a clear and definite idea of what I was going to say in it, but I have come this far,so I guess I’ve done okay. Let me just drop this here: if you see a poem dedicated to someone, don’t take it as anything, cause it isn’t anything..

Okay. Shall we?

METAMORPHOSIS ( a tale of becoming) Stage the second


Amanda closed the office door and leaned against it. She had a mild burning in her temples from spending all that time in the blistering sun, and she did not feel like taking any pills. She clutched the Tetra-Pak of milk she had gone to retrieve from the car and held it to her face. Warm. Just as Richard said it was best. Just as Richard liked it. Just the way she liked it. Just as she seated herself at her table, her phone rang.

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Six Things You Can Do When the Boyfriend is being annoying


Written by @LolaOgunnupebi

Some or most of us can agree that regardless of the number sweet candy relationships produce, there are times the sweet taste fails to taste the same for a while. Even as humans, there’s no guarantee that our relationships will be rosy. There’s bound to be a few times when fits and quarrels will set in.

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METAMORPHOSIS (a tale of becoming)


(A tale of becoming)

Amanda pulled into her parking lot and turned off the engine. Grabbing her laptop bag, she exited and locked it. As she entered the ground floor lobby of her office building, she saw one of her colleagues trying to force open a door at the bank of elevators. As she approached, she saw it was the service door to one of the elevators. Maybe en elevator was stuck, or perhaps some maintenance work was needed. She exchanged greetings and waited as two burly men in maintenance uniforms tried to force the door open. She offered to help, and the loud guffaws she got from her mostly male colleagues waiting to use the elevators was proof positive of what they thought of the offer.. Continue reading

**ANITA, An Eater**


Friday, the 13th.

I used to hate myself!
Waking up, horrible itchy feeling, dirt caked under my nails, rashes spattering my skin. Then the urges would begin. The terrible urge to feed. I would gorge myself, only to throw up and start looking for what to eat again. Nothing brought relief from this insatiable urge. Continue reading

The Insider


I’m a really smart guy.
I like how I say stuff off the top of my head and guys around stare at me like I just dropped some really profound statement. It makes me feel glad. Alive. Able. Never mind that I was such a dull kid, and the skin reactions I had made sure that I looked like a creature from a sci fi movie. Short, black, ugly. Skin like a gecko with measles. Continue reading

Re-Education, Through Common Sense!


Yesterday morning, over five years after my schooling officially ended, I’m getting set for school (Yeah, school, I’m back in school, and not for anything remotely connected to what I studied in University, and No, it’s not for a Masters degree) and I saw my nephew, wearing a long face, and sulking like someone who had been denied something he wanted. Inquiries from myself and his mum revealed that he was not done with his assignment. Guess what the assignment was?

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Darth Vader, Origins.



Holger Hall, LeopardKnocks University.


He walked wearily into the room and set his wand on his bedside table. The wand still sizzled with eldritch flame, and he shifted a scroll to avoid setting anything on fire accidentally. Wearily, he started removing the robes that marked him as a student at LeopardKnocks. He had just defended his project at the department of Dark Matter and Arcane Theology. Granted, he had upset almost all his lecturers when he decided to major in Dark Matter instead of the tamer and more scholastically inclined Arcane Theology, but it was his life, his decision.


His head the voices whispered in.

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