The Dirty House


Dedicated to all mothers and women trying to manage a home
Written by a wonderful friend.

You call my house “small”
It is so because of my kids’ large personalities, is all
They bind the air with their laughter
Meld the rooms with cords of chatter

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#30DayWritingChallenge, Day 14: On Dressing, and Outward Appearances



If I am to pretend to strictly adhere to the rules of this challenge, I suspect this would not even be worth reading, as it would not be a post. More like a text message, but then even texts have been known to be more detailed. That said, welcome, dear constant reader, to this little corner of the digital universe where I come to dump the thoughts, halfway between the ordinary and the fantastic, that percolate in my head.

That said, today’s post (it is not actually today, but I am behind on a number of posts) is about dressing, and outward appearances. Continue reading

#30DayWritingChallenge, Day 13: My Body and Eye


This would have been a good time to talk about bodyshaming and all the other shamings, but you see, I can not be bodyshamed. Such things don’t even move me. I was a skinny runt growing up, and I remember praying fervently to be bigger, so I would not get taken for granted, or whatever. i am my mother’s last kid, and I was really small. Plus I had a lot of respiratory complications while growing up, and I was really sad whenever I thought of what I would be like as an adult. Skeletal, wheezing, sickly, or whatever. And bespectacled, because my eyesight as a child was suspect, and I feared that with time I would degenerate even further, till I needed to be led about by the hand.

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#30DayWritingChallenge, Day 12: Attractions…



Attraction is a funny thing. It is not something we choose or plan. I have thought long and hard about what it means to be attracted to someone, and I have realized that while one can be attracted to a certain feature or characteristic, it does not necessarily follow that one would be attracted to every single person with that characteristic. So yeah, these are some of the people I find attractive. Continue reading

#30DayWritingChallenge, Day 10: The Ten Random Songs…


First off, I am going to be doing this on my tab, ‘cause all the songs on my laptop are arranged in folders and arranged according to artistes and albums, but on my tab, there is an element of randomness that I can explore, and that is what will aid me in doing this. So… shall we?

I listen to all sorts of music, from Rock to Rap to Enya and Adiemus, and some that I am sure you have yet to hear of.

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#30DayWritingChallenge Day 9: Edu-kay-shun, indeed!


Ruminations on the relevance of education

Hahaha! I wrote this title and I laughed. It sounds like something translated from the Greek, or maybe Old Latin. Or even Old English.


I can just imagine this post having a mouthwatering and tongue twisting title, and people rushing to read it in the original language, not knowing that it is one miseducated somebody…

But I digress.

What this post is really about is if education is relevant, and if so, how relevant it is. But I will beg to start by asking what education is.

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#30DayWritingChallenge: Day 8 – Me and Food Today


Technically, it was yesterday, but that is not the point.

I can’t have worms.

I sound so confident ba?

Go on, ask me why.

Okay, you have asked, so let me tell you.

** pats micro-tummy **

You see this my belly ehn? The comings and goings that take place in and around the belly, if ever a worm missed his way and ended up in my innards, it would die pretty soon. My eating habits are a source of confusion and concern to me, who is an adult (I am not doing again, I want my mummy please) human, ambulant and fully functional, then imagine what the confusing eating habits will do to a lesser life form like a worm. Continue reading